Starting Afresh

10 Dec

Such melodrama. About seven days after realising that my domain name had expired, my email was up the duff and my web-space gone, I’m finally back up and running. I’ve jumped through the hoops that Nominet placed in my way, and I look forward to the festive period as a chance to sort my online presence. So the blog starts afresh – but what to do?

One of the reasons that the previous incarnation of this blog fell dormant was the fact that I just don’t do enough to warrant regular entries. Working from home for the majority of the time, there’s only so many times one can write about the view from the window or what the ladies in the Co-op were chatting about. So don’t expect much from this blog – it’ll only be written when there’s something to write about.

The internet has changed over the past two years. What is a homepage meant to consist of these days? Picture galleries tend to reside at Flickr and social networking is over at Facebook, and the blog is here at Blogger. The point of having a domain name seems confined to having a custom email address. That and having the website as some form of online portfolio. So perhaps this is the way that the website will develop, as a test-bed for semantically correct web designs, and the lynch pin that holds all the disparate web brands together.

Keep ’em peeled…

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