Boxing for coins

26 Dec

Another quiet festive period zu Hause mit der Familie, though this time with the added bonus of being on the support rota for Christmas Day. Not an onerous task, but enough of a responsibility to bring about a natural aversion to over-imbibing. I don’t normally go on the internet at Christmas, but having lugged my laptop with me this year, I’ve taken the opportunity to finish off and upload the beta version of Narcissistic? Check. Web 2.0? Kinda, although rather lacking in borders with rounded corners. I wrote a little script that collects and caches RSS feeds, which ought to add a little dynamic content to this glorified splash page – assuming that I upload new photos and blog entries.

Phase two is to create a custom design for this blog rather than making use of the standard Blogger template. Any ideas gratefully received. In fact, any readers gratefully received too! 🙂

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