0833 Birmingham New Street – Birmingham International

13 Feb

Metro life

Half-term travel is always pleasant: everything has been on time today. A sprint across the wide windowless concourse that counts for a footbridge at New Street and onto the waiting train at platform five. Seats are easier to come by now, as we’re slightly past the peak of the morning peak.

This is the first chance to catch up with the day’s news since leaving Bill and Sian behind in Burnage, and there are plenty of discarded copies of Metro to choose from. Not much time to digest everything, but thankfully this title doesn’t require much in the way of concentration: Phil Jagielka speaks his brains on the UEFA Cup match that I’m destined not to watch on tv tonight, what with the “early” kick-off. I deposit the paper on the seat opposite – another traveller joins at one of the intermediate stations and takes advantage of it. We terminate at International station, charter planes sparkling in the distance. It’s been a frosty morning, misty and fresh, and full of spring potential.

A Pendolino from London has just arrived, so I race up the stairs in order to beat the queue at Subway. I needn’t have bothered – the coffee shop has now reopened after its refurbishment, so the suits are no longer in play. I order my usual sausage and egg on brown, and prepare for the “fun” part of the journey…

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