The most pointless advertising campaign in the world

3 Mar

Continuing on from the overblown promos of Fanny Hill that aired after the majority of Screenwipe episodes last year, Mad Men has been trailed at frequent intervals since the beginning of the year as “coming soon” with lush feature/adverts lasting several minutes, consisting of various creative staff’s talking head sections interspersed with a few bland pieces of footage. Despite my lacklustre description it has looked worth watching, but BBC Four‘s seeming inability to give a firm airdate has totally infuriated me for the past couple of months. Why can’t they just say when it is going to be on already?

The first episode aired last night. I didn’t know it was on, because I hadn’t seen adverts with the date on it. Presumably they wanted people to miss it and then go watch it on iPlayer. Bastard marketing types.

PS Happy Birthday Charlie.

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