Guilty pleasures

16 Apr

I confess: whenever I see that UKTV History is running one of its Sharpe back-to-back marathons, you can pretty much guarantee that my weekend will be lost to the gogglebox. Even though I’ve undoubtedly seen the episode before. Even though the husky Yorkshire tones of Sean Bean send my brain into a tizz of confusion as to why so many lusty señoritas fall for his rustic charm. Something about the combination of costume drama and military tactics pushes buttons I’d really rather not admit to having – at least not until I join a battle re-enactment society, or perhaps take up morris dancing.

And now ITV 3 is showing repeats of Hornblower on Tuesday evenings – a kind of “Sharpe-on-Sea” to all intents and purposes. It hits all those buttons perfectly, and Robert Lindsay is always good value. The current episodes see David Warner as a crazy captain who Horatio is forced to overthrow, and Warner delights as ever by not only chewing the scenery but nibbling on the props as well. It’s also slightly confusing seeing Jamie Bamber as a (slightly effeminate) Brit given his recent success as a “gung-ho Top Gun bullshit” (slightly effeminate) fighter pilot.

“Temple of Quim” – hahahah…

Speaking of which, it’s a great time to be sat on the couch, with new series of Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who and Heroes to get through. Who needs a life anyhow? 😉

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