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Sleepless in Burnage?

23 Jun

Back from a fabulous weekend in Cambridge, I’ve now had chance to study the leaflet that was posted through the letterbox by Network Rail on Friday afternoon. Although the rebuilt station at Burnage is not long out of the box, it appears that some remedial work is required on the platform surfaces. If you’ve been there, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise. Although there are no visual signs of problems, the platforms certainly feel a little temporary, not quite finished: the sound from underfoot is a bit like a modern Nightingale floor.

The work is scheduled to take place all this week, Monday through Thursday, taking place between 2230 and 0530. There are four further dates pencilled in to the diary in case there are any unforseen problems, these being Saturday through next Tuesday, all after hours. If I’m grumpy this week, it will be easy to guess why…