20 Jun

It’s taken seven months and two emails but finally the timetable for the 900 at Birmingham International interchange is up to date. Having had a reply from Centro in March about how they would attempt to get it sorted, nothing further happened until I went nuclear a fortnight ago. An email to Centro copied to every organisation possible bar the British Kitchen Sink Association. Express my disappointment, explain the email trail, ask several bullet-pointed questions about whose responsibility certain things were and why things were not done, attach photos showing the faulty timetable, give a date by which I’d hope to see the problem solved. Job’s a good one.

I may have been a little harsh on Centro, as apparently they created and sent the publicity to Birmingham Airport, who subsequently did nothing with it. A five minute job, fifteen if you include travel time from the main terminal to the interchange on the cable-hauled pram, but one that didn’t get done. What a disappointment – but at least it’s one less item on the list of small but annoying things to contend with.

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