What becomes of indie boys?

1 Jul

They start to wear vests under their band t-shirts to keep out the chill. Bless.

Went to see Radiohead at Old Trafford. Nothing new in either regard: I’ve previously seen Radiohead at the Nynex Arena, and I’ve been to see David Bowie at Old Trafford back in 2002 (what a year, oh the memories, callow youth, etc) The forecast rain managed to get itself over and done with early in the afternoon, leaving blue skies and a lovely sunset over Manchester.

The concert itself was brill, although we took a calculated gamble and left towards the end of the first encore – I didn’t fancy being in a huge queue for a Metrolink. In a way, it was a very good choice as a later tram had a mishap in the city centre. At least the passengers were in a jolly mood – unlike the popular mythology of Radiohead being a little bit sad

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