Words that rhyme with "cucumber"

8 Aug
boob umber (būb ŭm’bər)
n. A shade of brown, slightly lighter than burnt umber; often to be found on leathery skin on topless beaches
jew jumper (jū jŭm’pər)
n. A pullover worn by those of the Jewish faith; merchandise available to purchase at Yiddish Apparel
loo lumber (lū lŭm’bər)
n. Excrement; a particularly long faeces deposited in the toilet; a log
new number (nyū nŭm’bər)
n. Twelfty; plenty-seven
roo rhumba (rū rŭm’bə)
n. A dance of Cuban origin, combining complex footwork with a pronounced movement of the hips, performed by kangaroos
zoo slumber (zū slŭm’bər)
n. What animals do when they are tired; possibly after having performed a loo lumber or the roo rhumba

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