Weather for ducks

14 Aug

If I had a penny every time someone mentioned Manchester’s reputation for being a bit damp… Actually, this fairytale does have a certain truth to it, as Manchester does seem to garner a fair amount of drizzle all year round. However, my experience in the West Midlands is such that I consider it a much wetter place. So whilst Manchester had fairly nice weather yesterday, Meriden had several torrential downpours – one co-inciding with my lunchtime walk to the shop. And one overnight visit last year saw big delays on the way to the office the next morning due to Gibbet Hill Road being flooded near Warwick University. Old Shakespearean England is very pretty, but also very wet.

So it was a day for ducks and fishermen. On the train home, the canal bank next to the railway near Tipton was full of fishermen all sat in a row. Either a competition event or simply people taking advantage of the summer holiday to sit under a brolly in the rain all afternoon. Speaking of fishermen, there are often a few to be found sat round the lake in the grounds of Meriden Hall. Quite a few ducks live there too, along with a resident goose that I call Mr Honky. I tried to take a photo of Mr Honky, but he is a bit camera shy. More on him anon.

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