27 Aug

Whilst I was in the USA earlier this year, I not only saw Hellboy on DVD, I also saw a movie trailer so gut-wrenchingly clever that I was hooked immediately. Yup, you play up the fact that it’s by the director of beautiful Pan’s Labyrinth, concentrate the first half of the trailer on the wonderous creatures in this new film, and then only halfway through is the sucker punch revealed – that it’s a trailer for Hellboy II: The Golden Army. There were ironic groans from my companions upon the reveal of Red.

So I went to see it last week. It was a faster pace from the first one, more knowing now that the characters have been introduced. A reasonably enjoyable flick, with some great cinematography, even if the plot isn’t a great work of literature. Casting Luke Goss as the baddie though – what were they thinking?

The new Batman was a pretty dark, intense affair – though probably not quite as good as the hype might have led one to believe. Last time I felt that miserable upon leaving the cinema was when I went to see Star Wars II in Dublin – after having done my back in the day before.

Going to see two summer blockbusters in one month. A new personal record.

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