Rail fare simplification con

13 Oct

A recent trip down to Stoke-on-Trent for the weekend saw an unexpected side effect to the recent simplification to rail fares – there’s no longer a period return between that city and Manchester. The old Saver ticket cost around £13 if my memory serves me right, and allowed a return journey up to a month after the outward date – perfect for a weekend away, or even longer.

The new ticket range sees this replaced with an Anytime Day Return – but this is no good if you’re not heading back on the same day. Instead, you are forced to buy two Anytime single tickets – 2 x £9.90 = £19.80 – an increase of over 30%.

You can however save yourself a couple of quid by buying a Stalybridge – Stoke-on-Trent Anytime Return for £13.50. Far from being a case of simplification, the new ticketing regime is probably even more complicated – because it claims to be simpler but still has all the old terms and conditions which vary according to company, time of day and route. It is certainly confusing for this seasoned traveller.

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