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Fug Lane

23 Nov

The amusing thing about getting a pair of new prescription spectacles is that it takes a bit of time to adjust. I’m currently walking around with me new Ted Bakers in a bit of a daze. Everything seems very clear – perhaps a little too clear. It seems that designers are determined to let people show how much money they’ve spent on a big name by – well, putting their name on the frames in big writing. I’d be quite happy to have an anonymous pair of glasses, but the in-house range of opticians is a bit fusty. Are you listening Calvin Klein? Less is more in the branding department please.

To help ease the transition a little, we popped out to the first ever Didsbury Beer Festival last night. A very worthy effort, and well within walking distance being located on School Lane. Sadly all the special festival glasses had been taken by the time we arrived, but that didn’t detract from the nice ales on offer. My favourite beer was Yummy Figgy Pudding by local brewery 3 Rivers – though I’m not sure I’d attempt a full pint of this spicy number given its 7.5% abv! Dunham Massey Brewing had a few tasty treats as well.