Airport line, winter 2009

18 Nov

Some thoughts on the Winter 2009 timetable for the Airport line local service.

  • Northern Rail will operate a half-hourly daytime service calling at all stations on Mondays to Saturdays. This is better than the current skip-stop service that sees only one train an hour that stops at both Burnage and East Didsbury.
  • The local service will terminate at Piccadilly, meaning a general lack of through services from Burnage to Oxford Road.
  • No through Transpennine Express services from Burnage to Blackpool North, or indeed to Scotland – which was ridiculous but fun 🙂
  • An earlier service from Burnage to Manchester, leaving at 0612 instead rather than the current twenty to seven.
  • They’ve broken my bloody connection – so the now 0657 doesn’t arrive at Piccadilly until 0711 – missing the retimed 0706 to Birmingham in the new Cross Country timetable for winter 2009 and forcing the unwitting onto the horrible 0726 – yeowch.
  • A later service home from Manchester to Burnage, departing at five to midnight rather than the current half eleven.
  • The next-to-last train home is at quarter to eleven – so a seventy minute gap in the timetable, and bad luck if you planned on coming home when the pubs close at eleven.
  • More trains for Styal – but still not enough.

So in summary: a mixed bunch.

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