Buried alive

19 Nov

People who have been buried alive:

  • Adam Monroe aka Takezo Kensei gets buried in George Takei’s grave by young Hiro – who then foolishly lets him out again only for him to escape.
  • Captain Jack Harkness is buried by his brother Gray in 27 AD and stays there in a constant state of dying and recovering until 1901 – at which point he is dug up and stuck in the Torchwood basement. This means there are now at least three incarnations of Jack Harkness in the Second World War – plus the real one.
  • Max Wotsit from Eastenders (I’m not a regular viewer) gets buried in a coffin – but his wife digs him up again because she feels a bit guilty.
  • 130-year-old wizard Windle Poons is buried in a coffin at the crossroads of two of Ankh Morpork’s busiest streets, but manages to dig his way out. It helps that he is one of the undead, I suppose.
  • Admiral James Tiberius Kirk is left in the middle of a dead world, buried aliiiiive… Naughty Khaaan!

Please feel free to remind me of other instances via the medium of comments.

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