IT Archaeology: floppy disks

17 Apr


I found a couple of 3 1/2″ floppy disks in my drawers a few weeks ago, and decided to find out whether there was any interesting, long-forgotten stuff on them.  Problem is, my gaming PC doesn’t have an A: drive.  So I found and bought a USB-external floppy disk reader on eBay.  It arrived this week.


So what’s on Disk #1?


Success!  Well, we have some CVs and covering letters, and a few random GIFs.  Intriguingly, there’s a document entitled “Albums From the Last Century” which would make sense for a floppy disk which dates back to 2000, and consists of a half-started list of albums released in 1999.  There’s also a folder called “vn” which – if I’m not mistaken – must refer to virtual nostril.


I think this must be the time I tried doing a design using Macromedia software.  CSS was very inconsistent in those days, so using different images for header links and changing these using mouse over Javascript was a thing – yeuch.  And I seem to have used “tit_” prefixes, rather than “title_”, which shows that filesize was *really* at a premium in those days of dial-up.

Ok, so moving onto “Jimmy’s Magical Disk”.


Oh dear, A: drive is not accessible.  Let’s hope we’ve not lost anything too historically important on that one.  But whilst tidying up last week, I discovered another floppy which I must have borrowed.


True to form, it contains Anna’s CV and (an early draft of) Claire’s book.  Much else?  Not really, apart from this banner advert:


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