Burnage Blog

18 Feb

I started the new year with such good intentions: to lose a little weight by exercising more. The plan was to start some gentle jogging around Fog Lane Park, but it hasn’t really started yet as I managed to put off getting some new trainers until last week. To counteract this woeful tale, I’ve tried to go for a lunchtime walk instead, seeing as the weather is so beautiful at the moment – if not totally conducive to photography.

Zoidberg Church

And so it is that I’m taking more interest in the local surroundings. One of my favourite sights in the vicinity is what I term the “Zoidberg church” opposite the park – so named because with its red brick, dome-like vault, deep windows and muzzle-like vestibule it reminds me of Doctor Zoidberg. Am I the only person who thinks this? I didn’t know – so I’ve been taking a look to see what the rest of the local wide web is thinking.

Not a great deal, if Google is to be belived. Local politics seem to be the main topic of blogdom, with a decidedly anti-Lib Dem flavour as Chris Paul and John Leech Watch can testify to. A blog about Withington heralded early promise, but it seems to have fallen fallow of late. The top hit doesn’t even belong to this country – Burnage appears to be the name of an Oasis tribute group based in Chile!

So my mission seems clear: to become the number one search engine result for blogs in Burnage.

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