US Impressions #1 – The Alamo Drafthouse

31 Mar

The Alamo Drafthouse

Imagine a cinema where there are very few adverts, there are amusing clip-shows specific to the feature presentation instead of those interminable advertising slide shows, where there are frequent special showings of your favourite TV shows and cult films, where there is plenty of legroom, and – perhaps most impressively – where you can eat a meal at your seat whilst watching the movie. Welcome to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin.

The closest I’ve got to this in the UK was FACT in Liverpool, where seating in The Box consists of a grid of sofas, and there’s the occasional buffet on special occasions. In other words, the Drafthouse is an experience sorely lacking on this side of the Atlantic. We went to see No Country For Old Men, which was a very good movie. Somehow it seemed totally appropriate to watch this film about real crusty Texan types whilst visiting the little weird outpost of Texas that is Austin.

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