The stream with no name, part 1

2 Apr

As part of our Government-authorised daily exercise, I’ve been doing a walking loop from our house near Pimhole, down to the River Roch, over the footbridge on the way to Asda Pilsworth, then back past the Village Hotel and home.  I don’t care for walking down the same path over and over again: I’m an explorer.  I want to walk along all the footpaths on the map, see where they go, how they connect up, possibly which ones to avoid in future.  But needs must.  It’s quite a nice little walk, past the community farm and under the railway, with the sound of running water coming from a little stream to the side of the footpath.

Tunnel Under ELR Embankment near Pimhole

But hearing a babbling brook, I needed to know a bit more about it.  There aren’t any brooks I can recall in Bury town centre, but the water must come from somewhere.  Is there a hidden culvert running under Bury, with a stream running along it?  It’s happened elsewhere, such as the Tib and Medlock in Manchester city centre.

My usual go-to source is the OS layer on Bing Maps – but the water appears without name, its source seemingly a few hundred metres away from the Roch.  That can’t be right.  Looks like some more cyber-sleuthing is required

Pimhole Map

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