Heading upstream on Barn Brook, part 1

3 Apr

So we’ve found some stuff out about the nameless stream that flows into the River Roch at Pimhole: it’s called Barn Brook on old maps, and it seems to run through a culvert between Pimhole and Moorgate.  What better way to find out more about it by heading out for a Government mandated daily exercise?


Barnbrook Street, a cobbled alleyway at the rear of Home Bargains, and site of Barn Brook coming up for air before diving back underground headed for Pimhole.


There is Barn Brook, viewed upstream. Various vegetation seems to be growing on either side of the formerly pristine concrete channel.  We’re stood above the “York Street debris screen”, says a bright green sign from the Environment Agency – so at least they’re aware of it.


At the northern end of the channel, Barn Brook emerges from its culvert, heading under the road junction now known as Moorgate but in a previous life once called Barn Brook Bridge.


Moorgate junction, formerly the site of Barn Brook Bridge.  Home Bargains retail unit in the distance, with the stone wall to the left of the “no entry” sign forming the parapet where the Barn Brook emerges from its culvert. But where next?

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