A tale of three brooks

4 Apr

We’ve traced Barn Brook back as far as a convergence of two streams in the Free Town area of Bury, but now I don’t know which branch is going to be Barn Brook, and which might be Green Brook or Gypsy Brook as alluded to by Wikipedia.  Seems like I need to step back for a moment and look for some more information.


I do a search for “Green Brook Bury”.  It returns a “Green Brook Close” which is just to the east of our convergence of streams.  Again, developers seem to enjoy leaving clues in the names of things.  The 1911 map shows a reservoir on this spot – could this have been fed by Green Brook?  Depends how much we trust developers not to give misleading names: nice anecdotal evidence but not certainly not ironclad.

Turning my attention to Gypsy Brook, I stumble upon a leaflet highlighting things to do in Chesham Woods local nature reserve.  There’s a map, and what’s that in the bottom right hand corner?


“The Gypsy Brook is the main tributary of Barn Brook that enters the River Roch at Pimhole.”  Seriously, *now* you tell me?  Seems like I could have saved myself a lot of faff…  (But I’m enjoying piecing the various sources together like a massive jigsaw, so don’t conern yourself too much, dear reader.)

“The land around the Brook became a recreation area when the houses on Chesham Fold estate were built in the 1930s.”  You may be familiar with the Chesham Fold estate by a different name: it’s colloquially known as the Dicky Bird estate because all the roads are named after birds.  Oh, and the M66 runs straight through the middle of it.

“The council landscaped the site in the late 1980s, putting in new paths and planting the new trees you now see with local schools and residents.”  Sounds like another Government-sanctioned daily exercise needs planning to check this out.

Going back to the map on the leaflet, Gypsy Brook is also to the east of our convergence of streams.  To me, that suggests that the stream that merges from the east is probably Gypsy Brook, possibly Green Brook as well.  By process of elimination, that means that Barn Brook itself must be the northern route which passes the old Hudcarr Mills.  Where does it go beyond that?

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